DUI Defense Strategies

Mississippi DUI Defense Strategies

Our Mississippi DUI defense strategies are unique; we win cases by crafting a strategy and defense that is tailored to your case, not some generic defense from the dusty, old defense playbook that’s been sitting on the law library shelf for one hundred years.

Technology is changing, the times are changing, and we have changed with them. We use advanced technological methods to investigate the circumstances of your case, collect information, research important data, and log witness testimony. And we challenge literally everything that the prosecution presents. We take every step we can in our effort to discount prosecution evidence, no matter what it is.

You Were Not Driving the Vehicle

In order to get a conviction, the prosecution must prove that you were actually operating the vehicle or show a reasonable inference at the time they pulled you over or arrived on the scene. As you might imagine, it is obvious to the police officer that you were driving your vehicle, assuming they pulled you over.

However, there have been cases in which the DUI was issued to a driver who was parked or idling in a parking lot or perhaps a driveway. In these cases, if the officer did not actually see you driving, he must show a reasonable inference that you operated the vehicle while impaired. A savvy Mississippi DUI attorney will argue this point aggressively.

Probable Cause

Police officers must have probable cause or reasonable suspicion to pull you over. If they did not, and pulled you over, The Big Man will fight this, and seek to have any charges related to the unlawful stop thrown out.

Illegal Arrest

Police officers do not have the power to simply arrest people whenever they feel like it. There is a legal process that the courts mandate all police officers follow, and if they do not, many times charges against a defendant will be dropped or evidence may be deemed inadmissible due to the illegal procedures perpetrated by the arresting officer or his/her associates.

Challenging Officer Testimony

Police officer testimony can be a heavily weighted element of the prosecution’s case against you. If there are any details that don’t match up, if the officer misrepresented the events, etc., your Jackson Mississippi DUI Defense Attorney Joey Franks will challenge the officer testimony and seek to win your case based on this challenge, and potentially other supporting grounds as well.