How to Keep Drivers License Mississippi DUI

If you have a DUI, The Big Man will help keep your license by filing an entry of appearances with the court and a plea of not guilty. He also files a notice of demand for speedy trial within 30 days, and an alternative of extending your driving privileges. Then you have your license until at least your trial date. Then the Big Man either enters a plea for non-adjudication, or requests a trial. With non-adjudication, you keep your license by testing every 30 days for the period. Or, we can get an interlock-restricted license for 120 days. Moreover, if we go to trial and win, you keep your license. An other option is to appeal your license with a filing of appeal, and that stops the suspension of your license. Remember, your case must be set within 30 days or the commissioner of public safety will suspend your license, so call the Big Man right away.