DUI in Ridgeland, Mississippi

A DUI in Ridgeland is Common

The new Ridgeland City Hall

DUIs make up a significant portion of the city’s revenue in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Whether you drink at Shuckers, shoot pool at the Pub, or go boating on the Ross Barnett Reservoir, the opportunity to drink is there, and so is the possibility of Ridgeland Police Department pulling you over.

Know Your Rights if the Police Stop You

Remain silent on the side of the road!

Assert your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. When it comes to a DUI in Ridgeland, you will more likely talk your way into a DUI than out of one. Any admission to drug or alcohol consumption will lead to an all out investigation. Remain silent and do not give the police any additional evidence.

Do not agree to a search of your vehicle.

Never give law enforcement permission to search your vehicle or other property. If the police has probable cause, they don’t need your permission. Don’t assist the police in building a case against you by allowing them to go through your property. If an officer begins searching simply let them know you do not consent to the search, but do not try to stop them. That is for the Big Man to handle later!

Do not perform any Standardized Field Sobriety Tests.

The law does not penalize you for declining to take these tests. It’s your right to decline field sobriety tests, so do not do them! These tests set you up for failure. Even athletes struggle to pass field sobriety tests.

Do not provide a blood, breath, or urine sample without a warrant.

Police will ask if you would like to take one of these tests. The answer is “No.” Yes there is an automatic suspension of your license for 90 days for refusing a test, but that can also be handled through a petition to review breath test refusal. It will cost more money and time, but the goal is to avoid conviction. Taking one of these tests and coming back at .08% or greater for alcohol, or positive for other drugs will greatly hinder your case.

The Big Picture for a DUI in Ridgeland

The goal is not to avoid getting arrested, but to avoid getting convicted. If you do not admit to anything, you do not allow the police to search your vehicle, and you decline all tests, then your chances of beating a DUI greatly increases.

What do I do if I’m charged with a DUI in Byram, Mississippi?

Call Big Man Law the second you think an officer is investigating you for a DUI in Byram, Mississippi. Someone will answer your call 24/7. If the Byram Police Department already arrested you, then call us as soon as you get out. We do charge a consultation fee, but we provide critical advice at crucial moments. Here are some common strategies to fight a DUI.