DUI in Gluckstadt, Mississippi

A DUI in Gluckstadt, Mississippi is a new thing.

A couple years ago, nobody would dream of getting a DUI in Gluckstadt, Mississippi. That’s not the case now. The new municipality is hard at patrolling the streets and issuing DUIs. From Yandell Road, to I-55 you can find the new Gluckstadt Police SUVs roaming the little town.

DUI in Gluckstadt from GPD
Gluckstadt, Mississippi Police Cruiser

From Barley’s Beer Barn to Bicycle Revolution, you can expect Gluckstadt Police Department roaming for DUIs. Be on the lookout and know your rights!

Exercise your right to remain silent!

The most common mistake clients make is admitting to consuming “a couple drinks” or “just smoking.” Once that statement leaves your mouth, you opened yourself up for an entire DUI investigation by the Gluckstadt Police Department. Answering that one question will open you up to a flood of questions from any trained officer. So don’t do it.

Do not consent to searches!

Often times officers will ask to search your vehicle as part of a DUI investigation. If the officer possesses probable cause he/she isn’t asking your permission, they just tell you to get out. If an officer asks your permission, it may mean they lack the warrant to search your automobile. So tell them no and you may avoid getting a DUI in Gluckstadt, Mississippi.

Here is what you tell the police:

Officer, I am affirmatively asserting the following rights: My Fourth Amendment Right to decline any and all searches; and My Fifth Amendment Right to remain silent.

Big Man Law

If I do that, will I stay out of jail for a DUI in Gluckstadt, Mississippi?

Not necessarily. The goal is not avoid going to jail, but to avoid a conviction for a DUI. So many people attempt to talk their way out of an arrest that they talk their way right into a conviction. We want to make the City of Gluckstadt carry their burden and prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You really complicate that when you don’t tell officers any information or let them search your personal property without them obtaining the proper warrant.

What do I do if I’m charged with a DUI in Gluckstadt, Mississippi?

Call Big Man Law the second you think an officer is investigating you for a DUI in Gluckstadt, Mississippi. Someone will answer your call 24/7. If the Gluckstadt Police already arrested you, then call us as soon as you get out. We do charge a consultation fee, but we provide critical advice when it matters.