Do you have a CDL and got a DUI?

CDL DUI Defense Lawyer near Canton MS

If you got a DUI near Canton Mississippi, and hold a CDL, you know it will affect your ability to make a living. CDL DUI defense lawyer Joey Franks, the Big Man at Big Man Law in Jackson, knows how to defend commercial drivers charged with driving under the influence. Here’s what he brings to the table.

Knowledge of Mississippi DUI Laws

He knows the law as it relates to CDL holders and DUI offenses. He comprehends what to look for with the police body cam footage and arrest records. That means he’s conscious of the drug and alcohol testing protocols and the impact of DUI convictions on your ability to make a living. Furthermore, he understands the specific steps involved in a DUI arrest, chemical testing procedures, field sobriety tests, and the admissibility of evidence in court. That’s crucial for building a solid defense that considers the potential consequences on the client’s career and livelihood.

CDL Knowledge

Defending a CDL holder accused of DUI requires an attorney who comprehends the unique challenges commercial drivers face. CDL DUI defense lawyers know Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines, and other industry-specific standards. This CDL knowledge sets The Big Man apart from attorneys who primarily handle non-commercial DUI cases. He’s savvy about the consequences a DUI conviction can have on a client’s employment prospects, reputation, and ability to earn a living. In addition, he’s well-versed in the potential penalties imposed by the criminal justice system and employers within the trucking industry. With this knowledge, he’ll develop a defense strategy to mitigate these repercussions and protect the client’s professional future.

Rich Experience

Experience is an important quality that separates exceptional CDL DUI defense lawyers from the rest. The Big Man has handled numerous CDL DUI cases and possesses the insight and understanding to navigate the legal system confidently. The Big Man’s experience enables him to anticipate potential pitfalls. This experience equips him with an understanding of the dynamics involved in defending CDL holders accused of DUI. Attorney Franks is familiar with common legal issues, defense strategies, and potential pitfalls specific to CDL DUI cases. He can anticipate challenges and tailor the defense accordingly. As a result, the Big Man is confident in going to court, translating into a proven track record of successful outcomes.

Strong Analytical Skills

The Big Man will analyze all aspects of your case. He meticulously reviews police reports, chemical test results, and other evidence to uncover inconsistencies, which helps develop a strong defense. In addition, he understands breathalyzer devices, blood tests, and other testing methods used to determine a driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC). He can also identify potential violations of your constitutional rights during the DUI arrest.


The Big Man is very good at communicating complex legal concepts to clients in an easily understandable way. CDL DUI Defense Lawyer Franks knows how to establish a solid attorney-client relationship based on trust and understanding. He’ll listen to and empathize with your concerns and explain potential outcomes and available defense strategies. And he can negotiate with prosecutors for a dismissal if the evidence warrants it, as he has long-standing relationships with prosecutors and judges.


The Big Man will leave no stone unturned as he will examine every piece of evidence and challenge the prosecution’s case at every turn. Attorney Franks pays attention to every detail, large or small. In addition, he participates in continuing education, ensuring he is well-informed about CDL DUI law and defenses. What’s more, he upholds the highest standards of ethical conduct and professionalism.

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If you got a DUI and hold a CDL, know that the Big Man knows Mississippi CDL DUI laws, is experienced, has strong analytical skills, and is tenacious. He’s dedicated to providing robust representation and protecting your civil liberties. Contact CDL DUI Defense Attorney Joey Franks, The Big Man at Big Man Law in Jackson Mississippi. His phone number is (601) 357-7777.